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Daily Life in Ancient India

India is a huge country with a very long and ancient heritage. Yet we know far less about ancient India then we do of the other ancient civilizations. More is being learned and discovered all the time. There were many ancient civilizations in ancient India that sprang up over time. Let's look at what we do know about the daily life of three of these ancient Indian civilizations.

Daily Life in Ancient India for Kids

The Mysterious Indus Civilization
3000-1500 BCE

Somewhere around the same time as the ancient Egyptians, there was a huge powerful civilization in the Indus Valley. We don't know much about them. We do know that they built planned cities with straight streets and used bricks to build homes. They had running water and the women used cosmetics. What a wonderful civilization.

Aryan Civilization Daily Life
1500-500 BCE

The Aryans swept into from the north. They had horses and were a conquering people. They conquered the Indus Valley and much more of India.

Age of Empires - Gupta Empire Daily Life
500 BCE-700 CE

About the same time Rome was becoming great, a new civilization was also growing in northern India. It is called today the Gupta Empire. This is called the Golden Age of ancient India.


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