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For Kids:

India is a huge country with a very long and ancient heritage. Yet we know far less about ancient India then we do of the other ancient civilizations. More is being learned and discovered all the time. One thing we do know is that ancient India is credited with many inventions and achievements in the fine arts, science, math, ship building, philosophy, sports and games, mechanical and civil engineering.

What are some of ancient India’s contributions to the world? To name a few, India's contributions to the world include Buddhism and Hinduism; epic stories; many contributions in math including zero, decimals, square roots, algebra, number system 1-9; cures for over 1000 diseases; sewing needles; civil engineering and planned urban townships with sewer systems; the game of checkers, the game of chess, playing cards, the game snakes and ladders, polo, judo and karate; buttons, the spinning wheel, calico (a woven cotton material), muslin (material); shampoo; the ruler to measure inches; pre-fabricated homes and movable homes; diamonds used in jewelry, bangle bracelets; folk dances, the first flush toilet; high quality steel; the Tambora (musical instrument), and more! Wow!

Ancient India Inventions and Discoveries

Achievements of Ancient India

Invented in India

Inventions and Discoveries in Ancient India

Ancient India's Contribution to Science and Technology by Sudheer Birodkar (freely online)

India Inventions and Discoveries


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