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Ancient India
for Kids

What did the ancient Indians wear? What did they eat?  Did kids play with toys?  Did they go to school? This site shares daily life in three major time periods; the mysterious Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedic & Epics Periods, and the Gupta Empire, the Golden Age of Ancient India.

For Kids


Archaeologists discover
the Ancient Indus Valley Civilization!

Daily Life in the Ancient Indus Valley

Indus Valley - The Great Bath - The importance of water

Aryan Civilization -
The Aryan Clans Arrive in India

Daily Life in Aryan Times

The Ramayana

The Vedas

The Caste System

Hinduism for Kids

Buddhism for Kids

Comparison - Hinduism and Buddhism

The Gupta Empire -
Introduction, Golden Age, Military

Daily Life in the Gupta Empire

Clothing & Jewelry

Art, Architecture, Literature, Music, Dance

Festivals of India

Stories for Kids

Amazing Animals

A History of India for Kids

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age (for kids)

Quiz: Take the Quiz, interactive with answers

Games: Play Free Interactive Games for Kids about India

Investigate Real Life Artifacts

For Teachers

Lesson Plans about Ancient India

Overviews, Units about the Country of India

Our thanks to author/historian Sudheer Birodkar for answering our many questions about daily life in ancient India!

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World History will be the class we all look forward to every day."

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