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Ancient India
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For Teachers: Ancient India

Interactive Quiz about the Five Themes of India's Geography (with answers)

Ancient India Core Knowledge Unit

Ancient India - Essential Questions

Ancient India - Essential Questions, Presentations, Quiz Review

Pick a Project List - Ancient India

Crafting Our Way through Ancient India UNIT

Ancient India Pamphlets (lesson, see unit 4)

Into Which Caste Have You Been Cast? (simulation)

The Vedas

The Buddha and Buddhism (background and lessons)

Buddhist Studies (with teachers guide)

Maurya Dynasty & Buddhism

For Teachers: Country of India

India/Pakistan Dispute over Kashmir (4 day mini-unit debate)

Lets Learn About India UNIT

Journey Through India UNIT

Mahatma Gandhi Lesson Plans, Free Documentary, Photo Essay, Resources

Interesting Insights into India - Basic Bharat

The Story of India (for teachers, lesson plans)

India, China, Japan

Readers Theater India

The Selling of the Taj Mahal (fun lesson)

India Culture UNIT

For Kids

Daily Life in the Ancient Indus Valley Civilization

Be an Indus trader

Indus Valley - story, explore, challenge game

Ancient India Games

Ancient India writing - story, explore, challenge game

Interactive Timeline - story, explore, challenge game

Buddha, the Awakened One

Early Hinduism - story, explore, challenge game

Geography of India - story, explore, challenge game

Interactive Quiz about India's Geography

Presentations, Clipart, Templates

Early Civilizations of India: The Vedic Age

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Ancient India

Free Templates in PowerPoint format for Ancient India

Ramayana for Kids and Teachers

Free Clipart for Ancient India